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Find Life Success was created to help people find more success in their lives by covering several different topics on everything from health, personal finance, relationships, and more.

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About Me

My name is João, but I usually just go by Jo (because most struggle to pronounce the Portuguese version of my name). I was born in Brazil in 1988, and when I was about 10 years old my family and I moved to Canada, which is where I mainly grew up.

I mostly studied business courses in university, and after getting my Bachelor of Commerce degree I worked in both the financial sector and in the online web world. I first worked for HSBC and then for Investopedia.com, which is when I first got into personal finance and investing. I then pivoted my career to focus mainly on the web industry, which then led me to creating FindLifeSuccess.com!


Why I Started Find Life Success

I started Find Life Success as a way to turn my career into one that helps others, while also allowing me to express myself, be creative, and ultimately be my own boss. I’ve also always craved a career that allows me to travel lots and possibly work wherever/whenever I want, so something online makes sense.