What You Need To Make Money Online eTutoring

The Internet has made it possible for many different jobs to be done from almost anywhere. If you have been working as a teacher or a tutor, online tutoring has been a possibility for quite some time now. This work arrangement allows you to reach more students in different locations, effectively providing you with more […]

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Ideal Tips For Finding The Perfect Work Position

The global economic climate has the ability to knock a lot of people off of their toes, and hard on their behinds — but that’s OK, because there are always opportunities to turn things around! This article is filled with guidance that will assist you in getting a great job. Use these tips to get […]

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dreamcloud games a titan tale

Entrepreneurship vs Employment: Edmonton Entrepreneurs Dream Big

On Saturday, August 24, 2013 — Four Edmonton locals turned one big dream into a reality. What is that dream, you ask? Officially becoming a mobile game developing company — with sales! Co-Founders Hilton Patton, James Li, Jordan Soch, and Jen Li decided to incorporate their company, DreamCloud Softworks Inc. back in June, 2013 when […]

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Find Your Career Style

I’ve written on this topic before, but because our careers are such a huge factor in our lives, I thought it would be OK if I touched on this topic again. So — how do you find a career you love & that fits your style? Research Your Butt Off — This Is Your Career […]

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define success

How We Define Success In 2013 | Accenture Study

Accenture did a 2013 study on how we define success in the workplace, and they released their findings on International Women’s Day. After surveying 1,400 business executives from 33 different countries — they were able to gather a ton of data. How We Define Success Here is a quick info-graphic to show what the most […]

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President Barack Obama, Jeff Weiner, Linkedin

LinkedIn May Jump Again After Earnings (LNKD, FB, MWW)

When¬†Facebook went public last year (and tanked), it not only showed what an over-valued stock does in the market, but it also began to highlight an out-performer in the social media space — LinkedIn. LinkedIn has held social media up for the last year or so, and has appreciated 100% YTD! It doesn’t look to […]

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doctor physician australia

Work As A Doctor In Australia

Australia has many opportunities for doctors both locally and from other parts of the world. Overseas health professionals are welcomed and there are a wide range of opportunities abound in many different locations as well as medical specializations. Australia has a world-class healthcare service and a unique range of working and living environments. Every state […]

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How Change Can Be Great

It’s important to remind ourselves that change is a part of life. Think about how much you have changed in the last 3 years… We and the world around us is constantly changing, and we as human beings will experience all of it. Sometimes it seems great (often not actually being great), and sometimes it […]

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A Great Way To Start Investing

When it comes to the investing world, things can seem quite complicated. Stocks, bonds, and ETFs are all popular ways to put your money to work, but they’re all pretty complicated too. You’ll usually need a broker in order to invest in these types of investments individually, and it can take a unique set of […]

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How To Do Well In Your Job Interview

You got an interview! Now what? The interview is the key deciding factor to you getting this job, and you’ll be surprised at what they are looking for beyond and above your qualifications. Preparation Is Key Study the job requirement and description you initially applied for. This will be the key to you knowing your […]

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The Real Definition of Success

One day, in the middle of my usual life worries, I thought to myself, “What does it really mean to be successful?” The things that came to my mind right away were; Money, Friends, and Abs. Ha-ha. But the real definition of success is much more than that. Real success is the ability to enjoy […]

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My Top Tips For Getting Good Grades

It’s funny how school can seem so easy for some people, while for others it can seem like a constant struggle. I know for me, I struggled a little bit, but other times I was also at the top of my class. As I attempted to evaluate why some years I did well in my […]

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Nurturing Business Ideas

Business ideas, like any dream in life, come and go. Some may have more potential than others, but even those with great potential sometimes don’t ever see the light of day. How¬†come some great business ideas never become true while others become great successes? The difference is in how much an idea is nurtured. With […]

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6 Signs Of A Great Leader

I recently set my eyes on a leadership role within my company, and I even spoke to my direct supervisor about my ambitions. She told me that I will be considered for the position if I can display my abilities as a leader while in my current role. Now, I definitely believe I could be […]

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The Pros & Cons Of “Moving Out”

WANT TO MOVE OUT SUCCESSFULLY? Join Our SuccessTrack Program! ———-> Join our SuccessTrack program, & you’ll receive a FREE copy of the Find Life Success book! This convenient e-book provides tips on managing your money properly so you can move out on your own quickly and in a sustainable way. Not only that, but you’ll […]

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