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Famous Emigrants

Famous Emigrants Prove Anything Is Possible

Moving from one country to another is a momentous event in people‚Äôs lives. Reasons for moving abroad can happen because of a variety of reasons. They can happen due to…

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benefits of completing a first aid course

The Benefits Of Completing A First Aid Course

The Benefits Of Completing A First Aid Course Much as you hope that you are never faced with having to help someone that has had an accident, whether it be…

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movies and life lessons

Movies And Their Life Lessons

Movies may not be real life, but they can still teach us REAL life lessons. Here are a list of my favorite movie,s and the practical lessons that I have…

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What We Should Really Celebrate On Valentine’s Day <3

Every year Valentine’s Day comes around, and all we think about is: 1. What to buy for our “partner in life”, and 2. How to spend this day with your…

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Finding “The ONE” (A Girl’s Point Of View)

Looking to find the one? Do you feel unlucky in love? Are you single, while all your other friends are married? The only one to blame is you and of…

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5 Ways To Be Romantic This Valentine’s Day

1. Art Shake things up this Valentine’s Day by giving someone some art. You can usually find a store nearby or online that sells awe-striking, decorative pieces. 2. Playlist –…

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Understanding Generation “Y”OLO

What Is YOLO? The acronym “YOLO” became popular when recording artist Drake mentioned it in his track, The Motto. It stands for “You Only Live Once”. Catchy (and true), YOLO…

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The Pros & Cons Of “Moving Out”

WANT TO MOVE OUT SUCCESSFULLY? Join Our SuccessTrack Program! ———-> Join our SuccessTrack program, & you’ll receive a FREE copy of the Find Life Success book! This convenient e-book provides…

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