Entrepreneurship vs Employment: Edmonton Entrepreneurs Dream Big

On Saturday, August 24, 2013 — Four Edmonton locals turned one big dream into a reality. What is that dream, you ask? Officially becoming a mobile game developing company — with sales!

Co-Founders Hilton Patton, James Li, Jordan Soch, and Jen Li decided to incorporate their company, DreamCloud Softworks Inc. back in June, 2013 when the men (Hilton, James, and Jordan) graduated from college and were debating between entrepreneurship vs employment. With their eyes set on entrepreneurship instead of typical employment they recruited Jen, a business graduate, to help set up the business. After months of hard work, creativity, and testing, they now have been able to officially launch their first game, Titan Tale, into mobile app stores. Demonstrating that there are more options than one after graduation.

About The Titan Tale Game
The game, originally thought up by Mr. Patton, gives players control of their army — and is faced with the difficult challenge of defending their fortress from the opposing Titan army. Players are able to attack with different army “units” like foot soldiers, archers, horsemen, and more. When the battle gets tough, players may be able to call upon the Gods for their blessings. That is, if they have enough power to do so.

The game offers a thorough tutorial, so players can learn how to battle quickly and effectively. Also, both an Arcade mode and a Campaign mode is offered, giving players the option to play until the death, or until specific levels have been completed — both with progressively increasing levels of difficulty and varying super villains.

Choosing Entrepreneurship vs Employment
When asked about why they decided to start their own business right out of school instead of getting some work experience as an employee first, Hilton states,

” We had our own ideas for games coming out of school, and we knew we wanted to work on these ideas first instead of someone else’s ideas. Even though we were a little scared to jump right into entrepreneurship without any solid work experience, we believed in ourselves enough (and still do) to persevere.”

Play Titan Tale Today

The game Titan Tale can be bought and downloaded in both the Apple and Android app stores for only $0.99 — and I can tell you from experience — it’s definitely worth the dollar. I encourage you to try it out for yourself!

Also, keep an eye out for more DreamCloud games coming out soon, including SkyRider — a skydiving and bird suit simulating game, and Ninja Flick — a ninja fighting game.

You can also follow DreamCloud Games on Facebook and check out their official website at DreamCloudGames.com.

Final Thoughts
The story of DreamCloud Games is a testament to the many opportunities available to those with a particular set of skills. Choosing entrepreneurship vs employment way not be the norm, but it can definitely be worth the risk. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!

Titan Tale Mobile Game

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    If I have the means and capabilities then I personally choose entrepreneurship. Instead of working in a corporate world my entire life. It sure is worth the risk.

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