Since I do have my Bachelor of Commerce (Business) degree, I do know a little bit about what it takes to get good enough grades in school to pass.

If you are struggling to get good grades in school, or are just looking for some ways to do even better — these are my tips;

1. Go To Class

Obviously if you’re looking to get better grades in school, you should NOT be skipping classes. That means go to every class! Having the teacher there explaining what you need to know to pass (and having a classroom setting to discuss it in) will make a big difference.

#2. Participate In Class

The next piece of the puzzle is to participate in class. Not only do you need to show up, but you need to be part of the discussion too. Ask questions, express your own ideas, and start discussions with your teacher & classmates. You’ll get so much more out of that class if you do.

#3. Take Notes

Make sure to take brief notes on the main points of the class. This will not only help you remember it (because writing things down helps us remember things), but you’ll also have a very handy study tool come exam time.

#4. Do Your Graded Homework

I know – homework sucks. BUT! If that piece of homework is going to count for your overall mark of that class it is best to complete it. At least do something so you can get some marks for it.

#5. Find A Study Buddy

Two heads is usually better than one, so if you can – find a study buddy! If you partner up with someone, you’ll have someone to help you do homework & study. This will make a big difference.

Well, there you have it – those are some of my top tips for getting good grades in school. I hope you likes this video! Let me know if you did, and subscribe to stay tuned for more videos!

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