Hey! Jo from Find Life Success here, and in this video we’re going to talk about Loving Yourself First.

Love Is A Big Part of Success In Life

Success in life can mean a lot of different things, and it depends on the person, but to me real success in life is a life that includes, love and health along with wealth.

It Starts with Loving Yourself First

When I speak of love, I don’t necessarily mean a romantic relationship type of love. I don’t even necessarily mean the love from family or friends either.
This is because when it comes to having love in life, it starts with loving yourself first.

Don’t Rely On Anyone Else To Be Happy

We shouldn’t rely on anyone else to be happy, or feel success and love in life. Having people in our lives that also love us and make us happy is great, but we must still love ourselves first.

Many people forget this, and look for love elsewhere; relying on friends and family, or constantly seeking a serious relationship to fall in love with.

However, if we don’t love ourselves first, we are not able to fully give or receive love in it’s fullest form.

Benefits of Loving Yourself First

Loving yourself first also gives you the strength for many other things, like; overcoming loneliness, overcoming bad habits like relying on food or drugs to feel ‘satisfied’, forgiving ourselves for mistakes, overcoming negative thoughts, turning negative thoughts into positive ones, finding the strength to take positive actions in life, and much more.

Loving Yourself Leads To More Loving Relationships

It is from loving ourselves first that we are then fully able to fully give and receive more love in life to/from family, friends, and yes- maybe a special someone who becomes a lover and partner, but no matter what happens (maybe your family and you are not on the best terms, or maybe you can’t seem to connect with anyone so you don’t have very close friends, or you don’t have a loving partner), you will need to be ok and happy with just yourself in life, trusting in yourself, and loving yourself no matter what.

Loving Yourself Leads To More Health & Fitness

If you love yourself first, you will also find the strength to find more health and wealth in life too.

Loving yourself first gives you the strength needed to be more disciplined about nutrition & fitness, or about giving yourself the rest you need.

Loving Yourself Leads To More Wealth & Money

Loving yourself will also help you discover your own personal strengths more, and will help you find more confidence in yourself too – all in which can help someone earn more in life. Loving yourself can also help you save more, because if you’re not feeling the need to impress anyone with material things, you are able to be more disciplined about living frugally and saving money.

Commit To Loving Yourself First & Foremost

So many positive things come from loving yourself first, and no matter what is happening in life (whether you’re getting old and your health is deteriorating, or you’re going through a rough patch in your career or love life…) loving yourself will always be there as a choice, and loving yourself is always a choice that we must fully commit to.

I hope this helps you find more love for yourself in life, and I also hope this additional love for yourself will help you achieve your other life goals.

Stay tuned as I will eventually write and talk about my top tips for loving yourself more, like; meditating, positive affirmations, forgiveness, and more!

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