I recently moved out of my parents’ house not too long ago, and it was such a transformative time in my life that I wanted to share the main pros and cons of “moving out” in this video.

There are many pros (good things) and cons (bad things) about taking this step in life, so make sure you understand them all and compare them in order to know if it’s what you truly want or not.

OK, without any further delay — let’s begin.

Pro #1: Independence

The best thing about “leaving the nest” is that you will learn how to become completely independent very quickly! You’ll learn how to take care of yourself, which is an essential skill in life haha.

Pro #2: Freedom

This is the main reason people want to “move out” because they’re tried of their parents nagging them about every little thing. When you move out you can pretty much do what you want, when you want – without your parents there to criticize you or nag you.

Pro #3: Respect

Once you “move out” you will start to feel a lot more respect from other people. Because people know you live on your own and can take care of yourself on your own, they will have that much more respect for you. You’ll prob have more respect for yourself too!

I could go on with some more ‘pros’ but those are the main 3.

Not everything is great about “moving out” though — there are definitely some cons too, so let’s talk about those…

Con #1: Money

In order to move out you will have to pay for your own roof over your head – meaning you’ll have to pay rent or a mortgage. This is a huge part of your expenses when you move out, so make sure you have enough money to do it. Also, make sure the money you’re spending on rent is worth it too, cause you could easily save that money if you stay at home a bit longer.

Con #2: Food

If your parents cook yummy meals like mine do, this is definitely going to be missed once you move out. You better learn how to cook because if you don’t you’ll find yourself eating crap.

Con #3: Cleaning

Not only will you have to cook for yourself when you “move out” but you’ll also have to clean for yourself — that means you’ll have to do more dishes, you’ll have to do laundry, you’ll have to clean your house, etc. No more free cleaning services when you move out haha.

I think those are the 3 main cons of “moving out”…


If you can sustain yourself financially, and if you’re OK with cleaning & cooking for yourself – then I think you’re ready to consider “moving out” — and I think you should consider it, because you’ll benefit a lot from doing so… you’ll become more independent, you’ll have more freedom, and you’ll gain more respect from your peers.

What do you think — did I miss any pros or cons?

What’s holding you back form “moving out” OR tell us about your experience in the comments section below.

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