Hey, Jo here – and in this article/video we’re going to explore the real definition of success!

Yes – money, wealth, and financial stability are important, but is that all there is to being successful?

You Decide What Success Means To You

It’s up to you to define what success means to you!

Is it money?

Is it enjoying what you do?

Is it being healthy and fit?

is it having loving relationships?

Write Your Definition Down As A Goal

Whatever it is that success in life means to you, I encourage you to write it down and re-visit these goals often.

It is only once we clearly know our goals that we can clearly and properly go after them with focus.

What Success In Life Means To me Personally

To me personally, I need all areas of life to feel successful; love, heath, and wealth.

Money Is NOT Enough

Having money is important, but if I don’t have my health/life to enjoy it, what’s the point?

Also, if I don’t have loving relationships in my life to enjoy my wealth with, is that really enough?

That is why I believe to truly feel successful, I need love, health, and wealth.

Start With Love, With Loving Yourself First

Although I think all 3 are important, I usually start with love, and with loving yourself.

If you’re looking for a great next piece of content, check-out my video and article on Loving Yourself First.

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